What to do on a 3.60 Henkaku Vita other than PSP/Vita/PSX games?

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    Does Vita offer anything else other handhelds dont? Things like SNES and other 16bit and lower consoles I can play on 3DS. Does Vita allow me to do anything other consoles cant? Perhaps N64?

    Thanks for the suggestions!
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    PS1 and PSP as well.
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    I support this response
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    Everything TE stated. There are a few good Homebrew Games, but to be honest. Thats it. Vita wont start to cast magic cause it is hacked.
    But let me tell you. I think many ppl love the Vita for another reason:
    Its esthetically the most beautifull designed handheld ever.
    I love the 3Ds for its Unique mockup, but it stays in no comparisson to the PsVita hardware like.
    Its like you smartphone. The 3Ds is you phone, after you droped the bomb (spiderscreen).
    The Vita is you phone, freshly out of the box (with vinyl on top :D).

    PS: JRPGs!!! :D
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    a 3.60 Henkaku PsVita is what it is. Gread for Psvita, psp and ps1 games, great for emulation as well in psvita as in psp mode and not so much for other homebrew (I can't seem to have an overall wow feeling on that)

    Slightly off topic : PsVita compares to 3ds like PSP compares to nds/dsi. I can even say that I think that even for some games the old PSP give the 3ds a run for it's money.
    Graphics and sound on the sony handhelds is far better than Nintendo's. That said: the Nintendo library (mainly Nintendo own games) is superb. If only Sony could have made the hardware and Nintendo the software...... perhaps in an alternate universe :-)
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    I doubt the Vita has N64 emulation. It could probably give you better emulation than on a N3DS, but the N3DS does a lot of emulation really well. Unless you're playing super "advanced" MAME games I doubt there would be much of an improvement.
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    Clean it with a cloth, dont left any fingerprints let the screen reflect sunshine watch it and feel the serotonin flow in your bloodstream.
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  8. bobbytomorow

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    I play a lot of old school games on retroarch, in fact thats what I mostly use it for. NES, Gameboy, Wonderswan, Genesis etc basically the games from my youth. They look great on the Vita's screen.
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    I need you listing those non-Nintendo games, cuz me, being born in Latin America don't know where to start (LATAM is Nintendo, maybe not Brasil, but we chileans was born in a Nintendo's climate). I'm always seeing top 10 lists in Youtube, but is not quite the same as someone who has the nostalgia factor. Cuz, that's the feeling I'm trying to get.
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    I'm not with my Vita at the moment but off the top of my head here are a few of my personal favourite non-Nintendo games that are still very playable and fun imo,

    Sega Master System:
    Wonder Boy in Monster Land (action platformer with rpg elements)
    Kenseiden (action platformer with great music and atmosphere)
    Zillion (side scrolling action game, great music!)

    Sega Genesis:
    Sonic 1-3 (platforming classics)
    Streets of Rage 1-3 (top quality beat em ups)
    Michael Jackson's Moonwalker (underrated unique game)
    NHL 94 (best sports game of all time)

    TurboGrafx 16:
    Blazing Lazers (excellent shoot em up)
    Bonk series (solid platforming)
    Splatterhouse (horror classic)
    Air Zonk (great looking shoot em up)

    Neo Geo:
    Viewpoint (isometric shoot em up with really good music and visuals)
    Sengoku series (beat em ups)

    Various Arcade games pre-1995:
    Pac Mac
    Ms Pac Man
    Burgertime (I actually play the NES version now)
    NBA Jam
    Bubble Bobble
    Rolling Thunder

    Kaze no Klonoa (wonderswan)
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    I've played a couple of hours Monkey Island 3 on scummvm without problems other than coming back from sleep mode. Then all of a sudden I found out I could play in pixel perfect mode with very small borders and it's awesome. I've been playing retro games before going to bed. I really dig my white oled Vita. Form factor is great and the buttons are fantastic. The Dpad is godly. No complaints. Bluetooth if you want to use that for headphones for gods sake. The little thing is great when hacked.

    I'm a huge fan of scanlines and I made this which I posted a few times already but I think few picked it up or didn't care about. It's just an alternating black line overlay but it's excellent and I love it. I'll leave it here...again. https://ufile.io/6ju9k for retroarch of course.
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