What the hell was 'Operation Buccaneer'

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    When I was reading about the PSX scene, something came up about Operation Buccaneer, I tried reading about it, but I don't understand it.

    Anyone briefly describe it??
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    I forgot
    Can't say I've heard of it myself, but upon reading a wikipedia article...what isn't there to get? Operation Buccaneer was just a big copyright claim raid. They took down a warez site, and investigated and arrested people from multiple warez groups.
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    actually if I'm correct its was a group of software engineers(something like that) that were responsible for
    taking down Agent.BTZ, which was a Worm brought onto Millitary computers.

    here is an article on it https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/2008_cyberattack_on_United_States

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    here is an article from that article
    "The Pentagon spent nearly 14 months cleaning the worm, named agent.btz, from military networks. Agent.btz, a variant of the SillyFDC worm, has the ability "to scan computers for data, open backdoors, and send through those backdoors to a remote command and control server."[4]It was suspected that Russian hackers were behind it because they had used the same code that made up agent.btz before in previous attacks. In order to try and stop the spread of the worm, the Pentagon banned USB drives, and disabled Windows autorun feature"