What the fuck are you listening to bro?


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Apr 8, 2018
And on today's episode on what the fuck am i hearing we explore this wonderful crust ->>>>>>

And now you are angrily slamming and peeing and yelling at your keyboard and your hands and legs, uncontrollably sopping/weeping why would he say RESIDENT EVIL is the crust?

Hm, truly tho, why WOULD he say that? Now, this is quite fun as this game is not what you think it is. This game has an alternate edition released only to whomever wanted it, which, as it, turns out, is, essentially, nobody?


Like, legit look at it, it looks like its the same exact game what could be different no bro legit how is this different like whats wrong with you how can u say resident evil is the director's crust?

Hm, banka, you didnt know this alternate's cut is actually completely different OST to CD freebie. This is in fact a hard pass on the radar scanner of good music as it turns out it might be what u might dont like.
Here: take a gander! :

And now you are once again sobbing: How or why would u create this, rouse, f_android? Why would u pretend this is real!
IT IS THO BRO IT IS IT REALLY IS REAL THIS IS PRINTED. Now tell me this sparks resident evil? No? this is what he's been thinking too

And today concludes episode 5 of what the fuck you been listening to bro? thanks for enjoying

And welcome to episode 7 of welcome to what you been listening to bro?
Yes, we came back, we pushed out another one!!
Look: this game, quite funny, quite BEE, quite haha if I do say myself. This game name be Buck Bumble

Heh, funny bee! Now, you might think this is a game? Hm, i dont know for sure and i cant be bothered to check, altho if it WERE a game i'd venture to guess that it may be released on NIN64 Console? huh, whatever

Anyway this game has the like funny soundtrack like soundvase hidding your ears like kinda nice? CHeck out the song :
Now you thinking: Is catchy, is cool, yeah man, i get it. Anything else?
I tell to you this game has like the little interested where every song kinda like this one but like different as well? Its super difficult to explain and you wouldn't understand anyway. Basically if youve heard of undertale? Unless..?

Check it out here ! :
maybe you dont hear it, it shares some subtle elements of the title screen song, makes it quite funny to the mouth.

Alright and thanks for watching this one again yall its been a wild ride to 100k upview on my thread and heres hoping!

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    Biology wise that's an entire different argument but they are people
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    Looks cool, pretty cheap also.
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    Depends on who hits the big rock first
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