What store can i buy a battery for Nintendo DS at?

Discussion in 'NDS - Flashcarts and Accessories' started by Crescent, Aug 16, 2007.

  1. Crescent

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    Jun 21, 2007
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    where can i buy a nintendo ds battery. Not online, cuz i want it before i go to Asia
  2. leetdude_007

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    Nov 25, 2006
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    I'm guessing you live in the US. You may have to search at the usual B&M stores. Toys 'R' Us , Target, Walmart, Gamestop. I don't think this should have ever been a new topic.
  3. Noobix

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    Sep 25, 2003
    Hmmm a totally legit question...after all some members here work in those kinda stores, and it could therefore save a lot of legwork/Telephone calls/Googling. [​IMG]

    Time that could be better spent playing the new games coming out! [​IMG]

    Anyway I got no advice about the topic, so i'll just keep quiet. [​IMG]
  4. xmedia

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    Oct 23, 2006
    I'd also would like to tack on an additional question to the original one. Other than the official Nintendo ones what is a decent third party brand. I've only heard bad things about them.
  5. Takrin

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    Oct 7, 2006
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    after my bad experience with third party battery i buy mine from Nintendo.com



    their 15 bucks + shipping kinda on the high side but i personally think OEM battery is great

    oh i did buy about 4 third party 1600mah battery to test out, all 4 were worthless
    3 lasted 1/4 the original ds battery time if not less
    1 was a complete dud, didnt accept charges
    (ones i tried werent dragon brand so dont know about those)

    best thing i have to show from it is 4 mini screw drivers rolling around my table somewhere, now their great for ds and other things

    Opps not online... hmm try gamestop or local videogame store, or buy it in asia
    btw Nintendo ships 1-2 day after order via UPS, also they usually ship from washington state for me so its pretty fast, they also offer faster shipping method for more $
  6. gusto5

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    Jul 25, 2007
    Where are you going to, in Asia? Depending on where you are, you might have a better chance getting a battery cheaper.