What Slot 2 card is best for built in emus?

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    I'm looking for the best Slot 2 card for emulation. I've seen lots of them with built in SNES/GG/SMS/NES etc. and was wondering what the actual quality of emulation was like. The homebrew SNES emus while great aren't 100% so I was wondering if buying a Slot 2 card with the inbuilt emulation might be the way for me to go (I've still got my SFC/UFO combination and would love to be able to play all my stuff on the go).

    I've done my homework and found the different cards with lots of varying reviews. Does anyone actually use any of the built in emus and how good do they work? Which cartridge is the peoples choice for emu's? And do any of them do Genesis/Megadrive, it's the one thing I never noticed.

    Thanks in advance.
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    All of the "built in" emus are homebrew that the flashcart makers included in their software. Usually GBA mode emulators BTW.
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    I'm not to sure of that on the SNES side, I believe SnesDS uses the RAM from the GBA cartridge to expand the RAM in the DS already. Since the DS cartridges don't have this RAM, I'm not sure if the same thing will be possible without this extra RAM...

    The GBA Compatibility and the browser RAM go along with eachother, as this browser patch makes it so that a slot1 device can use the RAM from the slot2 device, which the slot2 device originally needed for the GBA support.
    The rumbling thing is something he needs to avoid though. The SuperCard rumble, doesn't have this RAM, so is not only completely incompatible with GBA roms, it also doesn't support SnesDS anymore and neither is it usable as patched browser RAM.

    Also the EZ-Flash IV DX is great for GBA compatibility yes, but how does it go along with the DS homebrew? Cause I thought most were designed for SuperCard (non-rumble) and M3 Perfect (non-pro) and EZ4 was skipped because of lack of homebrew codes to use RAM/FS or something...

    I do agree the best thing is a slot2 cartridge with expandable memory. Either SuperCard (lower GBA compat) without Rumble or M3 Perfect (costs more) without Pro...