What should my firmware be?

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    Right now I have 2 Wiis, my first Wii for some reason is overheating whenever my brother shuts it off (ALL the way off, on red, but it just keeps on heating up and it's not overheating like shutting off, but if it's been like that for a while when you turn it on, it turns itself off a few times until you pull out the cord for a minute and then plug it back in, this is worrying me).

    My second Wii is not under warranty at all (for reasons I won't go into), however I haven't used it for a while and it only has right now 3.2U w/ Starfall and Gamma loader, I want to get USB Loader GX on it, but after doing it on the first Wii, I've realized that it was a pain, I also read that the support for 4.0 and all the things they added are amazing, so, should I be upgrading, what's the best to have?

    So my questions are:

    1)Is there a way to fix an overheating Wii? (If that's what it's doing)

    2)What's the best combination to hack a Wii that's currently 3.2U w/Starfall? (That is, get USB Loader GX on it, or whatever so it's easily playable)

    I have all my Miis on this second Wii, so it would be very nice to get that one working, and I don't like copying them over via remote because it takes forever. I also happen to have saves for games that wouldn't let me copy it over.

    My old one can play the games, but is there an easy way to get it up to date? I remember having to download several IOS/cIOSes when updating my first Wii to 3.2Uw/starfall and USBL GX. :[