what program(s) do i use

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    Jun 28, 2007
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    to dump ALL files from a gba rom
    and also what program do i use to reinsert al the files that i edited
    preferably id like a program that does it all but ill use multiple programs
    no hex editors please i dont know how to use them just easy to use programs
    also please let me know if this isnt possible
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    Homebrew aside in 99% of all cases GBA files are self contained like most other roms (FDS and DS are the only two you will usually encounter): if you see the pointers for text they start with 08 or 09 and then an address capable of addressing 16 megabytes.

    There are some apps and guides/location lists that make life easy, mainly pokemon, megaman and advance wars although there are a few others:

    If however you plan on doing much rom hacking I suggest you at least learn to cut and paste with a hex editor, they are really not much more complex than a word processor in this regard. Also make sure you understand hexadecimal: http://webster.cs.ucr.edu/AoA/Windows/HTML/AoATOC.html

    I also did a small section in my WIP documents: