What popular influence shaped your moral compass?

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    What are some of the popular influences that guide your moral compass growing up? What shows, books, songs, etc, shaped your moral compass?

    For me, it was sci-fi shows like babylon 5 and star trek: next generation and deep space 9. The christian dren I grew up with only made me scared to question what I was told, for fear I would burn. scifi broke that cycle, and helped me understand the importance of questioning current beliefs.
    Here's an example of the type of quotes that guided my moral compass (and please share yours):

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    I build up myself based on morals i myself made ^^
    my model is the person i wil be in the future or the one i want to be
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    To quote a popular song, though one released way after I had formed things.
    Started out with nothing, still got most of it left.

    Try not to hurt anybody else with your actions, unless they instigated it. Don't think that is from a popular influence but is what I had.

    Anything is open to question, though try to make sure it is an appropriate time to do so. Also leads to a favourite teaching method of "until you can argue otherwise then do it this way".

    So basically nothing. Though

    Megatron must indeed be stopped.
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    Full Metal Alchemist: “You cant gain something, without giving something in return” One of the reasons why I have a FMA tattoo on my ankle. (The homoculus symbol, minus the Star of David design.)

    Star Wars (Extended Canon): weirdly enough, I agree with both the Jedi and the Sith code of conduct. The Sith speak of using emotions to gain strength and through strength, gaining power and then freeing yourself from chains. The Jedi are a bit more "hippy"/"spiritual" than the Sith, but they speak of the force binding people/nature together and nothing exists but the Force. But both have a degree of sensibility to them. (Although, as I said to a friend, I'd probably be a "grey jedi"/"lawful evil?", because

    Star Trek/Babylon 5: Exploration and space diplomacy, coupled with very cool characters. (No, I don't like Sisko, because DS9 turned a series about exploring new planets/space into extreme space diplomacy...although Quark was one of my favourite characters.) Meeting Data/Brent Spiner in a Q&A made me chuckle - everything about Star Trek was about "being nice to Data, don't be racist to aliens, and don't underestimate the power of teamwork". Pretty much that....which is kind of crazy because the world is kind of dark right now. Also, like OP said - I learned to question how/why people did things like they did because of Star Trek.
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    "First, make sure you're right.
    Then, go ahead."

    ~Davy Crockett
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    The show that influenced me the most was Castelo Ra Tim Bum, it is a pretty popular show here in Brazil which tells the story of a 300 year old boy who lives in a magical castle within São Paulo and lures some kids to it, so he can have some friends.
    To this day I like it a lot!

    And the book that made me like them was Harry Potter and the Philosopher's Stone, before that I've just read the ones I was obligated to do so in school. I was 10 at the time, and I believed it helped me build some good moral. I've related a lot to Harry, since I didn't had many friends at that time.

    English is my second language (as you can see) and I've learnt it by myself with the help of some gaemz, mostly jrpgs. This made them even more special to me. The first game that I've understood it's history was Kingdom Hearts (2002, pretty late huh), before that I played things blindly.
    KH's history values friendship and people like no other game I've seen, and that also changed me a bit.

    EDIT: I forgot to mention Back to the Future
    It was the first "sci-fi" movie I cared about, and this genre, like OP said, made me question many things about life in general.
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    I don't think addictions are a "popular influence"...

    I'll just keep me mouth shut.
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    Sex, Drugs & Gaming.
  9. SomecallmeBerto

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    "Never be cruel, and never be cowardly, and if you are, always make amends." The 12th Doctor
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    That is all.
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    I forgot
    I've never really used anything beyond "don't be a massive asshole" for my "moral compass" IRL.

    But there is a quote from The Last Wish (from the Witcher book series) that I quite like:

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  12. RevPokemon

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    GTA was a huge influence and now I am a violent rapist, murderer, and thief. Video Games are evil and did this to me.
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  13. yuyuyup

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    the TMNT equivalent to the "sonic sez" shit raised me
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    Nov 6, 2014
    None :(

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    You should ask for your money back if you are unsatisfied with your results. Then use it for therapy. :P

    Video gaames, and anime.

    Yes, video games, metal gear series, Breath of fire series, Tales series, street fighter, there is a lot. While many don't agree i do admit some games teach very little about real life, as unrealisticly fictional the story/events are but there is quite a lot that is based on actual culture in real life, from religion, to belief in wisdom, gods, deity, other worlds, super natural things, ghost, to just plain common related stuff. Of course you have to understand what goes on in the games to get the moral.

    Don't read if you don't want spoiler for your games.

    Anyway you get the idea, i may not directly get the moral compass thing but i just wanted to point out a few things, the idea was accmulative, as you continue to play more and more games to gather all the different things into one general idea. But yeah, games do more than just entertain people with mindless violence like parents think, they do have a aspect of sharing things that can be acknowledge in real life.
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  16. osaka35

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    For sure! I can definitely pinpoint particular lessons learned from video games and anime. Not new ideas, just my first exposure to them. Kingdom hearts: chain of memories, for example, gave me that our memories have no inherent meaning, and only through our action of giving them meaning do they matter in the slightest.
  17. lcie nimbus

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    2 things.... video games .and my dad

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    I remember that one
  18. Youkai

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    I always listened to "Benjamin Blümchen" stories ...i i guess they shaped me a little and even though I never wanted this to happen I have some characteristics from my dad

    Anything else was always me as I hardly ever did something as the "normal" people would do.
  19. Jack Daniels

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    Jun 6, 2016
    i base my moral on the one principe: if you don't like somthing to be happening to yourself, don't try it on someone else... if you make a joke about someone else or a groupp in general, always be ready to get one back and always check if it didn't hurt him or her. help others but don't loose yourself doing so... Don't ever fix what isn't broken to begin with!
  20. Sonic Angel Knight

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    I also said anime, as it seems many of the things i learn is from japanese media, even though is probably not faithtul due to localization but still it holds moral value. Lots of things here is not really for teaching just entertaining people and pulling their emotions around. Besides most shows now and days are like hour long and i don't watch them. Used to be cartoons that were like 3-7 minutes and have like 3 episodes in only 30 minutes with commercials, then last like 11 minutes with ads up to half hour, they put 2 with in the programming block, now like every prime time show on major networks is hour long a episode. Only very few i watch, and again not very serious about learning something.