what mobo do I have?

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    Just bought a 360slim from work since it was on sale and It's been 2 years since I last had the system. The thing is a bit on the old side for a new purchase (september 22nd 2011)

    Just wondering what version of the hardware I have and what can be done with it since I haven't done more than power it on to ensure it worked.
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    If it has dashboard 14xxx or lower, you can Jtag/RGH or dual NAND it. You can also Get an xkey or similar ODDE. By the date you more than likely have a Corona motherboard. To be sure, if the amp rating is 10.xA then it is i a Trinity, a Corona has a 9.xA rating. According to the database you have a DG-16D5S, which as of now cannot be flashed (a 3rd party PCB and firmware are on the way). If you have a dash that is 15xxx or newer and with the model type I think you have, All you can do is wait as you cannot retrieve the CPU and/or DVD keys ATM.