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    At my supermarket they sell the usual beef, chicken, lamb and pork. They also sell turkey and kangaroo. They used to see them sell quail and rabbit too but not anymore. Rabbit is quite tough and needs to be cooked for a long time. It wasn't expensive but wasn't cheap either. There probably wasn't a big enough market to keep selling it. The bushfires in Australia have not impacted the supply of fresh kangaroo meat.
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    Unsanctioned GBAChef? While we have sort of done this one before it was not this as much as ones you like.

    First I should note that dedicated butchers are still fairly common, big towns and small, and farms themselves may have a shop with things in, or a satellite butcher in a town. Supermarkets have certainly seen many close down (or be bought into them -- a few of my local ones had the butcher themselves be approached by a supermarket and say how about it?) but they are still a thing that many frequent, even if mainly for the better stuff for a party/holiday/because they want something a little fancy -- butcher sausages are usually better than what supermarkets offer.

    Beef, lamb, chicken, pork are the big ones and are there year round with worldwide suppliers taking up the slack when it is the wrong time of year (mostly New Zealand for lamb and South America for beef, don't tend to eat enough pork to note where it comes from). Should get most of the major cuts (not all will carry the super premium cuts --it would be odd not to get a decent ribeye or sirloin, might have limited options or have to go to a counter section for filet. With the possible exception of costco everything will be UK styles of butchery unless you go to a butcher and they know how to do another country's style which not all will. Veal (young cow) is not so commonly eaten but still available) and liver for all of them but maybe not always beef liver, lamb kidneys and possibly beef ones depending upon the time of year, lamb hearts as well. Beef tongue is probably there but that tends to be more among the sandwich meats. Brain for many things more or less went away with the CJD/mad cow thing some years back. I do also feel compelled to note that lamb is a fairly big staple in the UK unlike times I visit the US where it is not... a situation I find utterly bizarre -- lamb is delicious and it is not like the US does not have a big meat culture.
    Quail is there.
    Poussin, which is to say young chickens, are available and considered somewhat separately there, as are the other side of that equation and what some call hard chicken which is older chicken (tougher but quite a bit tastier). Pigeon on rare occasion but you can get that one in pubs and specialist butchers.
    Pheasant as well if that time of year.
    Duck is pretty common, though not always whole ducks.
    Guinea fowl is usually pretty available.
    Reindeer is available from time to time.
    Venison (deer) in various forms but most of the time it will probably be basic steaks and mince, more likely just mince.
    Turkey if you are so devoid of taste as to think it worthwhile.
    Rabbit I don't think I have seen in the supermarket in recent times but butchers have it often enough. Rabbit stew is mostly what I would have done with such things so I don't worry about tough. Dog likes them when he catches them though.
    Kangaroo is in some, though a search says lidl was the last major one to end it a couple of years back. Don't know if they still do ostrich.
    Springbok occasionally gets stocked

    More specialist stuff does more.
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