What is Usenet?

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    i dont get usenet
    ive read tons of references and seen loads of ads saying that its a great service yet i cant even understand what it is whenever i go on google and wikipedia
    could someone tell me what it exactly is(some uberpowered download server or something?) and what it costs and if i can get it in egypt
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    Basically it's another part of the internet - you got the web, email, etc... and usenet. Believe it or not the usenet was the place to be before the web. It's one big forum with thousands of groups - you can have discussions and you can upload binaries (images, games, movies).

    Many ISPs provide access to usenet servers. Typically (99% of the time) the services included with an ISP suck - limited forums and they only keep posts for a few days - and many times missing several of the posts.

    To get good usenet service you need to pay. The best is Giganews - they have European servers as well. They have over 200 days retention on posts and great completion rates. You can literally find almost anything you want. And download speeds are great - hundreds times faster then any public p2p.

    Other then the files being rar'ed or zipped the only thing different then other share alternatives is the use of PAR2 files.

    This link focused on PAR2 but click around the site to find out everything about the usenet.


    Enjoy [​IMG]
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    In short:
    Usenet is newsgroups. Servers (hosted by companies) copies files uploaded to those newsgroups and mirrors it. You download from the servers, and that's what you pay for, access to the server.

    Servers cost the same everywhere, unless your country blocks that website.

    Popular services:

    You'll also need a client.
    I prefer newsleecher (you can pay but... since you're going to pirate anyways...)
    And you'll also need a program to fix archives. Files on usenet usually come with .par2 files to fix themeselves.
    You can use a program like Par-N-Rar (my preference) or quickpar to fix those.
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    Its a perfect source to get your warez of
    The rest of it is stupid

    Tough when your into downloading these warez you probably need to pay for a Pay Usenet Server
    Its like torents but all torents are hosted on one server(The server you have access on mostly pay server which also contains binaries) and these servers can provide an full speed connection
    Because the servers used aren't like torrents(Home computers) but real servers on an high cost connection
    If you know how to use usenet its perfect!
    Btw. in the Netherlands its legal to download from usenet thats why its another big plus for me, tough uploading is illegal([​IMG] stupid rules here like, Its illegal to make Weed, but legal to buy it... How do they get it [​IMG] when you can buy many in coffee shops)
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    You can think of usenet as a giant text based forum with thousands of sections ranging from knitting to unspeakable sexual acts.

    It was invented to communicate with many users as once about any given topic, much like a forum.

    Now a days no one really communicates using usenet and it is used a one giant warez server. The advantage to usenet for file downloads is that the files are housed in your ISP's server if they support usenet so your downloads are really fast.

    I can write more, but you get the general idea. There's plenty of information out there for it. Its also known as 'Newsgroups' so you can do a search for that.
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    i might aswell write in this topic than make my own

    im with newshosting atm but heard that a company does 100gb of downloads for about £10 ($20ish, 16EUR)

    are they any good in terms of redemption and speed?

    and most importantly, who does it?


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    Nov 27, 2006
    thank you very much, i've been looking for a new program for par files as quick par is a HUGE memory hog [​IMG]