What is up with Video Game companies and dumb release dates?

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    I just want to see if anyone else here agrees with me.

    It seems that everytime I am anxious to play a new game, I have to wait for some dumb release date for that game. My current game of interest is House of the Dead: Overkill. I had a perfectly good weekend where I could have thrown in the game and had fun with it. I don't have time to game M-F because of work and life obligations. On the weekend, I can easily sneak an hour here or hour there to play. Now I have to wait till this weekend to play the game, and this weekend is already booked caused the in laws are coming over. Why release this on a Tuesday?

    So the question is, why the hell do these dumb companies always release games on any other day but a Firday? Here are some examples of retarded release dates on the Wii Alone:

    - SSBB: Sunday, 3/9/08
    - Mario Kart Wii: Sunday, 4/27/08
    - GHWT: Sunday, 10/26/08
    - Super Mario Galaxy: Monday, 11/12/07
    - Metroid Prime 3: Monday, 8/27/07
    - Zelda: TP: Sunday, 11/19/06
    - RE4: Tuesday, 6/19/07

    I couldn't find a good quality game that was released on a Friday. Is it just me, or does anyone else think its retarded not to release a game before a weekend?
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    SEGA chose to release it in this week so if games in the US came out on Fridays instead you'll still have to wait for the 13th.

    I'd say it would be dumber if games were released on a Friday (like they are over here), its common sense as people tend to spend their money at the cinema or go and spend money at resturants, pubs etc aftyer Friday because Friday to Sunday is when there are less people working!

    And also its something to do with tallying sales and so on.
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    Well, the point that you are making is that people like to entertain themselves on weekends. I didn't buy Guitar Hero World Tour on Launch day. But I did buy it on a Friday, and after hitting dinner and a bar (pub for our UK friends), we went back to the house and rocked out for a couple of hours. Some people may do games and others may do movies. But that option is not available with new games. That is really my point.

    As for Overkill being released this week vs. last, I don't really care. I just started noticing a while back that games never came out on Fridays and finally posted with Overkill as it was just another game that didn't come out on a Friday. If it was this Friday, it may not have worked for me, but at least it was on the Friday, and probably suiting as it was Friday the 13th.

    Last point. Just cause I buy it on a Friday, doesn't mean I need to play it that day. The Saturday is fine as well. So Saturday would be fine for me as well. Just let me have the weekend to play it as it's my only free time.

    By the way, your avatar is not helping with my impatience to shot Zombies with my two Perfect Shots sitting here waiting for some fun Zombie head shot action.
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    actually, SSBB was released on a friday over here [​IMG]
  5. CreX

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    Both Deadly Creatures and Overkill had release date friday 13th feb here in Europe. Tho Overkill is delayed in Sweden, cause of some supplyer. [​IMG]

    I think thursdays are a good release day. Since then your pre-orders will always arrive in time to friday, and then it's gaming weekend! [​IMG]
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    Well all the above games were released on fridays in the UK, if you have such a problem, why dont you just buy them on a friday/
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    Usually for me, release dates do not mean in-store dates, so if you wanted a game to be released on Friday, most likely you won't be able to buy it until Monday or Tuesday.