1. SWATlozar

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    May 23, 2016
    Good day, members of GBATemp. Recently I installed HaxChi onto my Wii U (avoided CBHC, I don't want to risk it), everything works smoothly, no problems whatsoever. I recently noticed two things on my gamepad:

    1) some minor backlight bleeding (nothing to worry about from what I read)
    2) THIS small blue-ish blotch that appears only on a black screen

    What exactly is it? I already asked on the wiiu subbredit, getting only one reply: that it's cancer, spreading and eventually destroying my gamepad. Well, way to make me paranoid. So, the gamepad works flawlessly, it appears only on a black screen (like LoZ BotW when not using the gamepad), it's only this one spot, around center-right. Tried running Jscreenfix and left it for 20 minutes, to no avail.

    My question is: is it really what that Reddit user stated, or is it something else? Also, does anyone else have this issue and are there any measures to prevent the spreading of it (in case if it really does spread).

    I appreciate any sort of reply. Thanks in advance!
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