What is the easiest way to play DS roms on 3DS FW 8.1.0-19?

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    I know my firmware is too far ahead to play 3DS roms, But for my firmware of 8.1.0-19. What is the easiest way to play DS roms? I know gateway has a DS card but I am unaware, If that is to only install the hack. But then I have heard about Supercard DStwo. IS there card that someone recommends more then the other? I also found this card http://www.realhotstuff.com/R4i-Gold-3DS-RTS_p_86.html Will it work?
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    Sep 19, 2013
    that card will work. the best way would be DSTWO. its the best one.
    gateway includes a normal DS MODE card, you can use it to play ds games, but its too expensive and useless since you will not be able to use the 3ds card (and i don't know if the DS card will work on that firmware)

    so. if you want that card you showed, go ahead it will work, but i recommend a DSTWO.

    someone correct me if i am wrong, that card you showed (from http://r4ids.cn/ ) is the best r4 card.
    (and the store is also good, i bought my dstwo from there)

    edit: in the store it says it does support 7.x as far i know, no cards were blocked on 8.x but make sure to ask the store if the card will support the 8.x firmware..., if you want a "blockproof" card, get a dstwo...
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    Sep 23, 2013
    Yeah the info is probably just out dated, afaik no DS flashcards where blocked in between 7.x-8.x

    I would only say a Dstwo is worth the price if you specifically want to play the Dstwo only homebrew I.E gba emulator and snes emulator
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    all the popular flashcarts can work well on V8.1.0-19 directly , such as Supercard DSTwo, R4i gold 3ds, r4i 3DS RTS. ace3ds ...
    if you don't mind pay a little much,
    DSTwo recommend, best flashcarts allow you run NDS, GBA roms on your 3DS
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    SNES and MAME as well. Dingux was ported to the DSTwo so all that homebrew too.