What is the difference between having redNAND vs. Mocha CFW with redNAND?

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    It seems like most tutorials out there bundles having to install Mocha CFW with redNAND. I assume this means that one installs Mocha CFW on sysNAND and then installs redNAND separately.

    Doesn't just redNAND itself allow for the ability to run DLC and games (why would someone want Mocha CFW as well as redNAND running at the same time?) Unless, of course, I'm reading into the tutorials wrong and actually they are trying to run Mocha CFW on redNAND... which still doesn't make any sense.
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    I used the guide on github. Im using mocha with out rednand . i dont even think they guide had me set one up. I dont see the point i also finaly have hakchi installed so im not realy even using mocha anymore because hakchi has cfw built in to take care of the system checks etc
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    Not near you
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    If you mean this guide. https://github.com/FlimFlam69/WiiUTutorial/wiki

    YES it has instructions for installing REDNAND. :P
    But yeah, i used it without REDNAND, according to the description. Is just a clone of your wii u system installed on a SD CARD so it doesn't modify anything that can be potentially dangerous and render it useless without some recovery trick. JUST LIKE 3DS NAND BACKUPS.

    I didn't use it cause it requires a sd card 2X the size of the systems internal storage.
    8GB = 16
    32GB = 64 (FORMATTED TO FAT 32)
    Then dumping that to flash to sd takes a while depending on the size of the system and if you mess up nand, you got to do it all over again. If you follow the instructions as they suggest, you shoud be able to safely use MOCHA with haxchi to system nand without risking anything. Now only we can get some homebrew emulators that ISN'T RETRO ARCH on home menu. :))

    Also The REDNAND is Redirection NAND. It reads from a formatted partition stored on the sd card instead of the system itself. MOCHA is the CFW, Much like LUMA on 3DS it just enable sig patches to allow you to load or install anything you want without "LEGIT" permissions.
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