What is THE best gamecube modchip ewer with 100% compatibility

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    I have GameCube console that does NOT hawe mod chip so i cant play burned games.
    I want to install modchip into my (PAL) Gamecube. but, What is THE best gamecube modchip ewer with 100% compatibility? or at least 99% compatibility.... [​IMG]

    and also, when i install modchip, could i burn GC games on mini DVD's or do i have to burn them on normal sized DVD discs?

    Thank's in advance for the answer. [​IMG]
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    i think the best modchip is the qoob. i had one in my old gamecube. it played every game and i had never any problems with it. you can go with the pro version, which has an usb port. with the usb port you can update the chip (no update since i dont know when xD) or dump your own games. the other qoob's are nearly the same, but they dont have an usb port.

    the gc in is normal state can only read mini dvd's. years ago there were some shops who mod the gamecube to read bigger dvd's. there are some extra cases. dont know where you can buy them, but only with the extra dvd case you can read backups from a normal dvd.

    read this topic: http://gbatemp.net/index.php?showtopic=108087