What is the best Free FTP Web Hosting site for videos?

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    Mar 18, 2016
    I've been using ByetHost on my website for a while now (from a lovely recommendation) and i was quite pleased with it, however hosting videos on it is not so great. Hola Video CDN speeds up the video load times quite a bit, but the videos on my site (the bigger 10 MB ones) suffer from serious playback issues, some browsers wont even play the videos at all.
    I realized that this is an issue on ByetHost's side, so im thinking that it's best to switch to a different FTP web hosting because my site heavily relies on videos.
    I'm only looking for a free hosting site, because my website isn't planned to be big or serious.
    I've seen some options like 000webhost and FreeHosting, but its hard for me to take my pick.
    What would be the best Free FTP Web Hosting site that prioritizes on video playback?
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    you ultimately need to pay for a premium service should you want to host it yourself... as for third party sites .. i dont know.