What is the best Flash cart for my DSi?

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    I apologize if I'm posting in the wrong thread. I'm basically a noob to this whole flash cart business. I'm trying to learn though. Anyhow.. The past few days I've been trying to gather research to get an idea on which flash cart I should get for my DSi. I want to play gba games and perhaps games from the nes and other older nintendo consules. I've been playing games through my emulator app on my tablet but I want to be able to do so on my dsi. I read about the acekard and it sounds like it hits the target, but I read that they stopped updating it. My dsi was bought in 2010, if that gives an idea on what version of system date it has. Thanks!
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    Hello, you're in the perfect place to post about this!
    You say you want to play GBA games and NES games. The Supercard DSTWO is the only flashcart that is capable of playing GBA and SNES games (it can also play NES and even Genesis I believe...). It is a bit pricey at around $40 but it is the best flashcart and one that is still updated, even for the 3DS.

    You can check the firmware of your DSi by going to the settings and checking the bottom-right of the top screen. If it is 4.5 I'm sorry but Acekards will not work on that firmware and since they don't update anymore you're out of luck. R4i gold is another up to date option that works but that one can't play GBA or SNES games, NES ones should work though!

    If it's under 4.5 than most other flashcarts should work but Acekard, Supercard and R4i Gold are still the recommended ones!

    edit: You should note that the Supercard still can't play ALL GBA games! You can find a compatibility list here: http://wiki.gbatemp.net/wiki/DSTWO_GBA_Emulator_Compatibility
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    If you want it for DS games and emulation of older systems get a DStwo, if only for DS games an r4 will work fine.
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    please do not type incorrect information as fact. there exist gba/snes emulators, although they do have their issues, that will run on all carts which can boot. also the iplayer/ismart mm have SCDS2 v1 GBA emulation ports by Darkchen, although no where near as polished as the updated emu (tempgba) available for the SCDS2.

    to play nes/gensis games you'll need emulation once again (nesds/jenesisds), which will work on any flash kit which can boot. there are no specific SDCS2 builds of nes/genesis emulators.


    -another world
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    Thanks for correcting me and adding the extra info! :yaysp:
    Didn't mean to offer up any incorrect info.
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    If you want to play GBA games on DSi, the only card you have to choose is SuperCard DSTwo,
    because DSi doeson't have slot-2,
    but DSTwo has bulit-in GBA emulators ,allow you run GBA roms.
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    Unless you buy too much McDonald's at a point you cannot afford 40$, the DSTwo is your best bet.
    There are fine tutorials around, perhaps take a look in the Supercard category?