What is my best option for using my N3DS (flashcart vs CFW?)

Discussion in '3DS - Flashcards & Custom Firmwares' started by Lunatics, Jun 26, 2015.

  1. Lunatics

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    Aug 9, 2010
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    I have a N3DS XL AUS on 9.2, I'm from the US. I have a regular 3ds (NA) on 4.5 with gateway I had been using. Currently I cannot use my new one because I don't have the updates/stuff installed for gateway I need, and I do not have either of the 2 games I need to launch gateway.

    I am trying to figure out my best way to go about using my new3ds. Should I spend ~80 bucks or so and buy a sky3ds so I can launch gateway and update it and everything so I can use it like normal going forward? Then what do I do? Save the card I don't need or give it to my girlfriend to use with her DS since I have gateway working on mine now?

    Should I buy a EU version of cubic ninja or OoT to be able to launch gateway and install everything I need etc etc, but then what do I do with the game sell it? Will getting one of those games run me almost as much as sky and I should just do that?

    Should I buy cubic ninja to install the pasta CFW? I am not up to date with the CFWs and how far they come. Will I need cubic ninja or a game to launch the CFW everytime or does it boot automatically when I turn it on after it is installed?

    I'm leaning towards the sky to be able to install gateway and then give it to my girlfriend or sell it when I'm done with it but the CFWs seem to be getting better and more updates so I don't know what the best options are anymore.
  2. dedChar

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    You would need cubic Ninja each time to Boot pastacfw. IMO you should go for cubic Ninja (or a sky3ds if it costs less than cubic Ninja). Then you should wait for PastaCFW to implement emuNAND support or CakesFW to be ported over to N3ds and after all of that happened, you should sell Gateway, if there are no more advantages from it.
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