What is happening on Switch Homebrew right now (For non programmers)

Discussion in 'Switch - Emulation, Homebrew & Software Projects' started by Souloibur, Jul 7, 2017.

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    Yeah, not like "Oh we have v wii homebrew browser on there in like less than a week" but more like "We have homebrew for wii u " on their or know all the ins and outs of how it works and functions and how to manipulate and do things programmers want.
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    Well that was thanks to the browser and its HTML5 support. Probably the reason why it was so easy to exploit. The Switch on the other hand doesn't really have one. Not publicly anyway. But now that the browser was patched to block HTML5, it seems they have a different exploit since they said it will still work on the latest update.
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    Nope, a lot of the work is being done on Switches with 3.0 (but mostly using CagetheUnicorn rather than real hardware). 3.0 is still good to go is the general consensus.
    If we have homebrew, then disallowing a service is a cakewalk in comparison. Not really an issue.
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    Same thing with the Switch, it's just using a more up to date browser version. They patched the original exploit used, not that it helps since there are a million others. That's just how browsers are if you don't keep them up to date, and no console has an up to date browser, they do the bare minimum to patch exploits after the fact (which is why in both the case of Wii U and Switch, they had outdated exploits that still worked, which they would have patched a long time ago if they had bothered to keep the browsers up to date with the latest upstream)
    As long as browsers exist on consoles there will always be exploits, unless they start using a system like Android or iOS where the browser is an external application and the developers can update them as often as they want. Even then there will be exploits, they'll just be patched before they're made use of most of the time, or they'll be patched within days at least.
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