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    Jul 5, 2012
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    Okay, this is all great information. Thank you very much!

    Assuming I have some time and some data processing background, would it make sense for me to go through and get all the DLC/updates using the method below

    Generate hashes, and contribute to the existing datfiles? Seems having a dump using the method above would be identical across the board with maintained data integrity for everything other than the console ID.

    I'm not an expert with any of these files formats, though (.3ds or .cia), so maybe this is somewhat naive.
  2. CIA is not really the format to be used for this kind of thing, outside of universal legit CIAs. Valid tickets are different for everyone, and fake tickets are never guaranteed to be identical (not that fake tickets are worth archiving, anyway.)

    The proper way to archive eShop content, is to keep raw CDN contents by themselves, then you can document hashes for tmd and contents. This is what no-intro does, and if you have valid tickets, you can retrieve those via ctrcdnfetch.
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