What is a good guide to setup the sd2vita?

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    May 2, 2018
    Ok I messed up my vita setting it up the first time as said via another thread. I got the vita to detect my sd2vita adapater and microsd card but I couldnt open any applications including vitashell etc. Had to fix this by reloading henkaku and pressing r1 on molecular to rebuild the database so Im back to square 1 now as my sd2vita card is corrupted and not detected now so I have to format it all over again and dont want to repeat this mistake.

    Ive checked the below links:
    Watched a bunch of videos on youtube and they are all different. My first attempt I used autoplugin to install the plugin for vita2ds which worked it was detected but I couldnt use any application so something I messed up somewhere. With the gba thread Im confused at editing the storemgr and skrpx text files and adding the lines to the kernal config.txt file. Not sure what to type exactly.

    Same with the gba link stating to configure the commands if I want to use the sd2vita to play vita games or use adrenaline. What if I want to use both? I want to use adrenaline to play retro games but I also want to play vita games. I also want to use original vita games that I have so I have to eject the sd2vita adapter is this possible to play original games and save still somehow?

    I have a vita 2000 with 3.60 firmware if that matters. Again mainly Im confused with the below steps
    1. You can do the rest of the steps via PC or in VitaShell. Open config.txt in ur0:tai. Change any lines in *KERNEL and *main that say ux0:tai/<plugin>.skprx to ur0:tai/<plugin>.skprx.
    2. Add a line in *KERNEL that says ur0:tai/storagemgr.skprx. Save and close.
    Proper Configuration
    Confused at all these steps for proper configuration what does it all mean?
    To use SD2Vita/PSVSD for Vita Games
    To use SD2Vita/PSVSD for Storage/Adrenaline
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    As I said in the other thread, you have to copy all your apps (like vitashell) from the int memory to your sdcard, before you can switch sd2vita to ux0. You see, the vita loads all apps from ux0. If you switch ux0 to an empty sd2vita sdcard, there is nothing to load on it...

    Best is, in case you use auto plugin, if you set up INT = ux0 and GCD = uma0. Reboot. Then you can open vitashell, browse uma0, watch out if the sdcard is propperly mounted. Copy over all stuff you need, I think vitashell is enough. After that, you can run auto plugin again and switch INT = uma0 and GCD = ux0
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