What if AuReiNand or similar could load from Nand?

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    Isn't it possible?

    I mean, I have some friends who say "oh no without the SD the 3DS wouldn't turn on!", and I don't see any problem with that.

    But what is blocking the possibility of installing the payloads and files needed inside the 3DS's Nand?
  2. Lucknell

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    Jan 16, 2016
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    Limited nand space there isn't much more room for improvement
  3. wormdood

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    theoretically yes
    you are, you silly man here you are with a concept/complaint(?) without putting in the work shame . . . .

    ok now for my real answer . . . it likely already exist in the fashion you want . . . just not publicly. remember hackers dont normally release there work until after its blocked or until they have something better (for there own personal use.) (i remember last year reading many threads about how the salt team had what we only dreamed about . . . now we as well have quote "true sysnand cfw" bla bla bla) my point is dude you are preaching to the quire we have always wanted . . . better ______ but most of us can only wait

    or in short que sabe sabe
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    In theory, yes. It doesn't require that much space to run an CFW. Although updating it would be a real hassle.
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