What happens after you restore with a WII NAND BACKUP?

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    Okay so say I backed up my Wii NAND and my Wii bricked, so I restore my Wii what happens? I know that if ur bricked and boot mii loads up and you go to system menue it wont do anything.. but say you restored with your backed up nand what happens now? like step by step, I restore it then what? is there an option to go to the (NOW FIXED) system menu, or do you have to turn off your wii and bootmii will load up and you just press system menue? please tell me what happens after u restore with ur nand backup???? everything goes back to normal right.... isn't it like restoring a PC it goes how u had it before the brick... but what happens after u restore does it take u to the fixed system menu since ur not bricked anymore plz help
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    After you restore your NAND, the Wii should be in pretty much the exact state it was in when you made it - unless the brick is the result of a hardware failure instead of a software one, which is however pretty rare.
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