What happened to PS4 after X-BOX Live?

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    Ever since X-BOX Live made you pay to go online, PS4 pulled a complete turn to making you pay to play online too. And now the other game console companies are following the pay to play online path. Thanks to you, X-Box for having your competitors follow your path.
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    Oct 11, 2011
    XBL servers aren't getting hacked constantly nor are they filled with cheating children.
    I'd glady pay ~60 quid a year for a cheat free, 99% uptime and credential safe online network.

    You think the Internet is free?
    Mate, someone has to pay for the thousands of servers you're playing on.

    So yeh, Thank you Microsoft for paving the way to a better organized online structure.
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    The PS4 came out 3 years ago. You just now found this out?