What happened to most of the developers?

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    And yet it would seem that you think they owe you some thing and should not leave the scene. Why do you feel someone owes it to you to "grow a backbone"? Didn't they effectively "use the block button" and (perhaps from their perspective) "stop associating with shitty people"?
    I am sure the 3ds scene seems less bad when you ignore it completely :)
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    Oct 19, 2015
    AW didn't leave the 3ds scene, just gbatemp
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    May 26, 2017
    that is so true unfortunately

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    why did aurora leave gbatemp? that's quite sad
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    That's not what I was implying. I couldn't care less who does what, it's none of my business. I was saying in general, I'm not getting into specific examples. Not sure where you got that I had perceived expectations but okay Lol.
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    Mostly this - 'Especially in this "safe place" age we live in most of them honestly just need to grow a backbone.'
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    Mar 2, 2016
    Yes I would like a safe space with beer and corgis to play with.
    I mean, who wouldn't?

    So the solution is to get devs back is corgis and beer.
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    I wouldn't call them "children", but if I say that word I might get banned. -_-
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    Wherever there's food. And Nintendo.
    Lol, you just recited the most important verse of the GBATemp Bible ;)
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    Yeah and I meant both ways. Users and devs both need to learn to take anonymous Internet assholes with a grain if salt. They'd all be happier. I don't see where you get that I have some kind of personal agenda. I'm just speaking in general, no one cares that much.

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    I never understood why/how the 3DS is so cancerous. I don't know if I just somehow avoid all this drama or people are just rude to others in DMs or something. I know this scene is cancer but I hardly see anything going on. What do y'all see?
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    Nov 2, 2015
    With regards to AW - from what I saw - it seemed like there was a whole load of (mostly completely unwarranted) negativity on here surrounding the release of Boot9strap, Luma's dropping of support for A9LH payloads and the Rosalina system module. Loads of guff about the 'cult' of Luma and 'CFW wars' which honestly should've just stayed in the playground - especially after the smattering of minor bugs got ironed out.
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    I thought rinn moved over to wololo.

    I also haven't seen too much of a demand for newer things (but i just occasionally check this forum from time to time now), but it seems like alot of what was accomplished already, people were satisfied with, and didnt really want much more out of their console than to play pirated games or emulators. I'm still trying to find something i want to use my 3ds for, too. On top of this, it seems like due to the switch, 3ds lost a good amount of publicity too thanks to it, but when you put (what seems like) low demand for new development of features combined with all of this, including how late in the 3ds's life cycle it is, it feels like most of the developers that were once here are no longer as active due to not really having much reason to be active, particularly when alot of what people want has already been done and made functional. Yes, there is still much in development, but nothing like it was a year ago.

    So either the scene seems to have stagnated due to low demand coupled with declining interest and motivation by devs (and other reasons as stated above), or im completely delusional from my inactivity and the fact that there arent really any 3ds titles that seem appealing enough to make me want to turn my 3ds on again. I feel like at least some of this is true, but would appreciate more input by someone who has been a bit more active recently.
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    Your mom's basement.
    Especially with other cfws lacking support for b9s, yet people blame Luma like it's some evil thing when it's not.
  15. ThisIsDaAccount

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    Just out of curiosity does anyone know why mashers left the scene? I used to really like his gridlauncher and a9lh with password.
  16. Platinum Lucario

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    When I hear about developers leaving, I've always come to realise that the people who start drama, being disrespectful to one another, rudely criticising developers on what they do and being ungrateful for the tools that the developers have made. It makes me sad to think of the developers who made the tools, spent countless hours contributing to the source code and not getting much positive feedback from users, in which would make the developers feel less motivated to work on their projects.

    What it has made me realise... is that I am pretty much responsible for some of the disrespectfulness that I have been giving to some of the developers around here. I've asked for functions without saying anything positive about the tool or even stating about how helpful it is. There have been other people who have said "Add [function] to this tool, I really want it" and "Are you going to make such a feature?" There's been times when I haven't respected the developer's decision on what they wanted to do with their project, just because I disagreed with what the developer was doing. But as time has gone on, I've come to realise that even if I disagree with a decision, I should always say something positive about the project, rather look down on them.

    I can tell you, if there were rules in place on GBATemp that actually prevented users from saying rude comments or begging for features to be added without giving any positive feedback or reporting bugs, then it would more than likely have made me rethink about what I should type in a forum post. It's only now that I've realised that I, along with many other users here on the forum have been responsible for the developers quitting from their projects and leaving the community.

    We are only human after all, I've made plenty of bad decisions before, and I'm still learning every day, right? I'd like to see a community in where we can all get along together and not be starting drama all over the place, and I'm sure GBATemp was always intended to be a very civilised forum.

    As for @erman1337 , he got fed up with all the drama on the forums and everywhere else. The people were always being negative on what he was doing, was what made him decide to quit Themely altogether, and create a closed source version of it, due to the ungrateful people saying negative things of his project.

    As for @TheCruel , he was jailed due to possessing child pornography on his servers. But even if he has committed such crimes, we can't forget about the positives that he has done for the Homebrew community. He was responsible for creating a .3dsx downloader (similar to Wii U App Store) called Brewman, along with the source code of his Brewman server. He was also known for creating freeShop, a Homebrew tool that is offered as an alternative to the Nintendo eShop which enables users to redownload titles that they've already purchased. But now, freeShop is continued to being developed by the Homebrew community.

    As for @Rinnegatamante , this user quit the Homebrew community due to all the drama and negative comments given and complaints. Same thing happened to @Aurora Wright and other users who were hit with so much negativity.

    I must deeply appologise to all the developers that I criticised as well as not providing any positive feedback.

    If anyone wants them back, please... be respectful and give plenty of positive feedback and bug reports. And no rude criticism.

    That's all that needs to be done ^^
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    Plus most dev's leave because of pressure in releasing early, failing to release on the date they provided (and estimated which tends to refer to inaccuracy) which leads to hate which is uncalled for. Of course, there's also
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    @vinstage well then again, the 3ds was marketed toward that younger audience, so who can you blame?
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    The 3DS is at the end of it's life.
    This is only natural.
    The only reward that most homebrew developers get is recognition, so most of them won't commit to projects for a system that could just stop being relevant before they finish their work.
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    Sep 19, 2013
    he shouldn't had left, but keep the ad fly stuff.
    what's a fucking ad fly link for a good homebrew? it's really something minimal. don't want to click adfly? just donate directly...
    i did enjoyed a bit minecraft, with mods, and that website where you get them, was full of ad fly links all over, kids didn't complained..
    i even donated to my favorite mod back then... and even after donate, never bothered me a ad fly link..

    back to topic....i kinda have my own theory... which i may explain other day...