1. Alphons Potters

    OP Alphons Potters Member

    Dec 28, 2009

    I tried to update mine FLASH Vi with the new Kernel 3.0 OB1 and EZ5i firmware v101

    I had Firmware V14 on the Flashcard and the Kernel: v2.00rc16 before I trying to uptdate it.
    I started the .nds patch, wait till the screen said succesfully patched please reboot the DS and reboot.
    Everything did seem ok (no error messengers)


    now the Nintendo DS won't see the Flashcard anymore????

    I have another Flash Vi (with the same Kernel and firmware) but I don't want to try to update that one too, because I am really afraid that I will brick?? this one too!
    I read that more people have bricked there EZ-flash because of this new Firmware.

    I want to know how this could happen!!! (in the past I also have bricked one EZ Flashcard and I did know for sure I did everything good because on other Ez-Flash cards I had no problems with updates!)
    I have had a lot of EZ flash cards and most of the time it works fine but Updating a EZ flashcard is way to dangerous in mine opinion!

    Please tell me your opinion about this! And this update is it really nececarry because the old 2.0 kermel will still be functional with new updates???

    I think the M3 is a lot saver to use when it comes to Firmware updates (never had problems with those cards!)

    Because mine Card is bricked or is there someway I can let it work again??

    Please can people give me some information what I did wrong? and if it's possible to get it to work again!
    Tnx in advance! I still have warranty so if this can;t be fixed I will ask mine money back or a different Flash Card.
  2. Mbmax

    Mbmax Homebrew addicted

    Nov 7, 2006
    Are you sure of what you said ?

    What i'm sure is, i have seen a lot of ez5i owners done the v101 update without any problems.

    I think the flash memory of your ez5i died during the update. It's just an hardware failure that's all.
    Ask for a replacement of this defective ez5i. [​IMG]
  3. Drag0nflamez

    Drag0nflamez GBAtemp Regular

    Jun 20, 2009
    i run a 705 EZVi on 101 and 3.0 OB1 - perfectly fine.
    and by the way, did you already update to 3.0? and did you use a hard reboot? (fully off, then reboot)

    & it could happen to anyone, some Wiikey 1's brick after the NSMB update.. though it are different things, it's still the same thing what makes them brick
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