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Discussion in 'The Edge of the Forum' started by BurningDesire, Nov 12, 2015.

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    So I was suspended two nights ago for not shit posting on the EoF. Howevr I haven't posted anything last night nor the night before. The ban started the night before last night my guess is around 5 because that is when I got off it was suppose to end tomorrow but ended today. Now I have done nothing wrong. When I shit post it is only in the EoF and General Off Topic - What I post there isn't even EoF worthy and that one time - that one time! In the 3DS section. Even weirder is the suspension was not signed by the person who suspended me.[So I ask you this rualpica why suspend me when I did nothing wrong. As well as do it only for a day? Also, why not follow your own rules you have to follow. I did nothing wrong. I haven't posted since my idea for a gbatemp pokemon league and that was like a month ago.You guys are on the site a lot. Have you noticed anything up with my account. Can you tell me down below or in a PM what I posted. I am not mad as much as I am confused. I haven't posted anything in five days.... (Thread wise) so I thank you for your time and corporation. I hope to see some answers to un clog my memory.

    Update 1: PM'D someone hope to get a clear response
    Update 2: Removed some stuff I decided was wrong
    Update 3: Got a response. Not a good one though (still looking for answers)
    Update 4: Things seem to be making sense. Trying to find out why I was suspended and not just warned
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