What gaming conferences are worth paying attention to?

Discussion in 'General Gaming Discussion' started by FAST6191, Oct 29, 2015.

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    So relatively speaking with most game conferences having as much useful output as final fantasy trailers have gameplay footage, and often about as much delivered reality as the time Peter Molyneux designed modern Ubisoft games, I decided to start to examine their merits. They are usually fine as general/more targeted advertising but that is not what I want.

    This year I did not watch E3 at the time, started to watch the conferences afterwards (with the eye to writing them up for here, "E3 2015, from one that skipped it." was the working title) and stopped somewhere in Ubisoft's presentation. Previous E3s I sat through live out of some combination of morbid curiosity and masochism. Nintendo directs devolved into a farce slightly later than I expected but turned far more quickly when they did and most of the rest seem to be token efforts, ones for also rans that might not be up for paying the crazy sums it seems E3 presentations cost and occasionally very nice tech conversations.

    Trying to report on such things live is even worse as most gameplay trailers/discussions seem take the pulp fiction approach to editing, and that is in addition to the stuff in the fist line. If nothing else a nice big skip button for the sports and dance/music game sections is something I am not likely to want to relinquish.

    With that said 5% of 3 days is still several minutes of something worth knowing about so I am curious. E3 does seem to have faded in relevance for various reasons and many other companies are doing their own thing, however there are others. In most other threads I would link a list of conferences and/or copy and past info from such a thing but those that people actually hold in mind would probably be the better results here.
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    As you say E3 has lost relevance for gamers because is every year less footage and more MTV tier show, but as press give it attention they think are doing well.

    I think the TGS show more real gameplay footage than E3 and has been getting lots of attention in the past years for than and because is a good source to know what games could come to the west, think of it as a glimpse of the future.
    as of lately the Playstation Paris games week showed a big amount of games footage (mostly updates of previously announces titles) and some confirmations of titles showed in the TGS (Gravity Rush 2 is coming, YES!!!)

    Nintendo Directs always show footage of the titles mentioned so I'm ok with them even if they tend to explain things somewhat out of character (those long trailers showing Splatoon devs talking about their lives and squids and Yoshi yarn devs talking about... yarn) but all in all good.