What functionality am I giving up if I update Emunand from 8.1.0

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    With the imminent reality that is Pokemon coming out and will most likely require the latest firmware, I might find myself needing to update to the latest (or just simply newer FW) in order to play. Currently I am on 8.1.0 on both Sys FW and Emunand. I've read on how to update using choidujournx but Im worried about losing functionality as some apps may not be updated yet. Ive read that some people were having trouble using their controllers in menu's after updating etc., and I was wondering if its really recommended at this point or should I just look for a way to install Pokemon to play on lower FW (bypass FW check, never done it before but I think it exists).
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    Pokémon won’t require 9.x. But anyway, 9.0.x doesn’t break anything compared to 8.1.0 (besides input stuff, which is a non-issue with atmosphere), everything should the same as it did on 8.1.0.
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    Are you using kosmos package, vanilla atmosphere, or sxos. I was able to run 9.0.0 on kosmos but not 9.0.1. A lot of Homebrew have been updated to support 9.0.1, the control issues were mainly installed Homebrew nsp, not straight nro. And I haven't seen any updates but custom lockscreens were a no go on 9.0.X.
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    Wasn't there also something with the game cart slot? Wasn't it necessary to change something or otherwise you would only be able to use your game carts on 9.0.x and onwards? Also, having incognito installed shouldn't matter right?
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