what files are necessary to keep on sd card

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    hi all.

    just wondering what files are absolutely necessary to remain on my sd card.

    i have the latest version of HBC with a wiikey2, along with wiigator, wad installer, gecko and a myriad of others.

    i just updated to 4.0u via waninkoko's installer.

    there are so many things that i have installed that i'm not sure what needs to remain, and what can be removed to make more space. i only have a 2gb card right now. [​IMG]

    after a wad is installed, should i keep it on the sd card, or delete it?

    i have several wiiware titles that i installed and would like to add more, but space is becoming an issue.

    sorry if this is kinda confusing, but i am a little lost. [​IMG]

    thanks for any help!
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    I believe it's always good to keep a backup of any wad you've installed, not on your SD card, but on your computer. If you want to then remove an installed wad for any reason your can copy it back.

    However, if you do lose the wad there's always Any Title Deleter [​IMG]