What exactly can I do with my Gamecube Adapter on vWii on the Wii U?

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    Like the title said, I would love if it could replace my actual Wii. Can I use it on Wii games? Can I use it on Nintendont? Can I use it it on Virtual Console games like N64 games?
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    Officially it only works with Smash Bros on the Wii U. It won't work on any Wii U games, Wii U VC games, Wii games in vWii mode (including Smash Bros Brawl, which is supposed to have GC controller support!) or any Wii VC games in vWii mode.

    But yes, unofficially it will work with Nintendont, so you'll be able to play GC games in hacked vWii mode using an original GC controller, so at least that's something. (Nintendont also enables the use of a Wii U Pro Controller, which is otherwise restricted to Wii U mode only, for GC games.) Unfortunately that doesn't make the controllers work with anything else in vWii mode so you'll still need a Classic Controller for VC games.

    However, there is another kind of adapter (like this one from Mayflash, so third party) that will connect a GameCube controller to a Wii remote and have the Wii recognise it as a Classic Controller. Those still work with the Wii U and would enable you to play N64 VC games in vWii mode with a GameCube controller. I'm trying to work out what to buy for my Wii U so that I've got everything covered (Nintendo really need to sort their controller situation out, it's ridiculous, I feel like I need to buy 10 different kinds of controller and adapter!) and I think one of those is the best all-round solution. It would even make the GameCube controller wireless, as it would be connected to the Wii U via the Wii remote's Bluetooth (or, in my case, double wireless as I'd be using a Wavebird!).
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    Thanks to HID to VPAD and Nintendont I fell in love again with GameCube Controllers and was thinking whether I should buy that Wii U USB Adapter and 4 controllers.
    But is there still no way to use them in vWii as they were natively connected to a Wii?
    On the real Wii there are a lot of games that work with it:
    It would be fantastic to play them through vWii as well.

    Edit: According to the list it would be even better it the vWii would "think" that attached GC Controllers were Classic Controllers. They serve all the needed buttons.
    But I think it's a thing that has to be patched "per game" as I read multiple times, right? :(
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