What do you think would yield more money?

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    OK, here's the deal, it's time to get rid of my old car (1995 Saturn SL2) and get another beater. While in appearance, the car "looks" OK, it's actually totally beat. Here's a pic taken with my cellphone just a couple minutes ago:
    Warning: Spoilers inside!

    The crap on the door is just dirt. I can't take it to car washes because it's like going through a car wash in a convertible with the top down since the door seals leak. (well, not quite THAT bad, but you get my meaning)

    Keep in mind that Saturn vehicles have plastic body panels and doors. Only the hood, roof and trunk lid are actually metal. That's why it doesn't "look" like junk. But rest assured, the car has had it.

    List of problems:
    Windows leak water, including the windshield on the passenger side.
    All the speakers are dry-rotted, so listening to the radio is a horribly distorted experience.
    Canopy carpeting (inside roof) all sagging down badly from the moisture that gets inside.
    Interior is filthy and has water stains everywhere.
    Passenger side door cannot be unlocked with a key, but otherwise works normally.
    Driver side window gears are stripped where I have to push the window up the rest of the way to fully close it.
    Those metal bars on the back door windows are badly rusted through.
    The entire exhaust needs replaced from the manifold back. The catalytic converter is the only salvageable part, surprisingly enough. (estimated to be nearly $400 to fix)
    Engine seeps oil from all its engine seals. I can putter around the city fine, but it only gets about 50 miles per quart of oil on the highway. Does not burn oil, just leaks it from the engine seals.
    197,000 miles.
    Every great once in a while, it will kind of jerk into reverse when I go to back up...but not always.
    Front clip has minor damage from when some bastards stole it a couple years ago.
    AC doesn't work.
    Probably other stuff I'm forgetting. Other than that stuff though, everything else functions and the car actually runs pretty well and gets 35 MPG on the highway.

    Naturally, the only things I'd tell a place I was trying to dump it off to would be that the interior is shot and the exhaust needs replaced. They can figure out the rest. [​IMG]

    So, knowing all that, do you guys think I would get more money by taking it to a junkyard or by attempting to use it as a trade-in? I'll be buying a sub-$2000 beater to replace it as that's all the money I'll have to work with, so it's not like I'd get one of those special trade-in deals.

    What do you guys think? Junk it or trade it? I won't be doing anything with it until Monday (August 9th) at the earliest. I'd appreciate any thoughts on the matter.
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    Wooooow. I have a '95 honda that has been going strong since. I can't believe how badly saturns are made! Jesus Christ! I mean my car has none of those problems!

    As for your question, I have no idea. Lol.