What do you think will be illegal in the future?

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Sep 13, 2009
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Economics and gastronomics might see synthetic rule the roost (if I can grow a slab of unexercised and thus super tender steak with no fat lines other than those I want and certainly no gristly bits the size of the table for less money/space/time/pollution/slaughter issues/transport issues than even factory farming a cow that would produce less meat in total then yeah).
Tradition, religious exceptions (I can see a path for many already and much is already tolerated on such a basis) and general lack of power from the vegan and whatnot lobby to effect such a law (outside change environmental set gets a look in if cows = methane, though it is not necessarily that simple as the ability for cows/sheep/horses/pigs/[insert rest of old mac donald nursery rhyme] to reclaim land and manage it is considerable) means outright illegal is a harder sell.

You don't envisage a future where
AI driving takes over from people*
"we are the only ones allowed to fix this because safety/[insert fearmongering of choice]" becomes the standard (it already is in a lot of things, or is so difficult as to functionally be that -- if nothing else see the average building permit setup and wonder if your grandfather would have had to do the same for the same job?)
a ban on tobacco happens (we have known it is awful for you for well over a century at this point, taxes keep getting higher, ages keep getting higher, restrictions keep getting greater in scope, incentives to not/to stop keep getting increased, costs of insurance if you do keep getting more, youth rates seem to be falling... a ban seems well within reason once enough of the old ones stop/die, and even more so if the take a pill and you will stop)
various types of vehicles because omissions (there are many places with limits already, and the reason the UK gets all the nice old Japanese left hand drive cars for nothing is because they become worthless there after a few years when they will never pass emissions regs).
governments trying to restrict what essentially anybody able to attach a file to an email can make from more than shit tier plastic (as it stands today $5000 would probably get me enough CNC machines, which are not the hardest things in the world to operate, to make some very nice firearms, indeed https://www.bitchute.com/video/ddLJ7uqJynwL/ and the rest of that series should probably serve to illustrate quite a bit there)
or a few other things along those lines.

There are those in this thread that seem to want to gripe about the state of freedom of speech, freedom of expression, freedom of association, freedom to do what you like and other things usually bundled with those (all under attack, and have been from various parties for decades now), the prevalence of the "as a service" model, and those that like to ponder their favourite dystopian science fiction more than might have been ideal. However there do seem to be several things posited thus far that seem eminently plausible even in an "ideal" future without some wackadoodle types coming into power and stomping all over rights in the name of their particular beliefs.

*between insurance rates, cost of what would then/soon be vintage cars, speed issues (AI driving knowing exactly what every other car to the horizon is doing can result in some serious ballet type sequences to outside observers, see also warehouse robots, which human manual control would make thousands of times less efficient at best), fuel issues, aggravations with getting/renewing a driving permit it will probably be de facto illegal, maybe resembling automatic fire guns today in the US (nothing made after, nothing imported after, has to be on our registry, and wouldn't you know the key part we are calling the fundamentals of this happens to be a consumable...).
I ain’t reading all of that. I don’t think many of these things in this thread will become illegal. There might be things that will get restrictions or obsolete, like driving your own car becoming obsolete through AI or something. But there’s crap in this thread like, “Having an opinion” or crap that’s just obvious crap that is not going to made illegal without some drastic cultural changes.
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Oct 24, 2002
Crypto-currencies - already banned in many countries. Not that I'm against them myself, far from it. I just get the feeling that it'll be banned at some point. Governments start to feel that they aren't in control anymore...

Tobacco: this literally kills people, a slow death but still, and contains chemicals that create addiction. It's literally a drug in every sense of the word. Yeah my grand dad died of lung cancer after smoking all his life. Note that I don't know enough to claim that tobacco is harmful in itself. It could be allowed, provided it comes in a form that doesn't create addiction and doesn't harm lungs. Even then, some countries would rather allow & control use of certain drugs, rather than banning them and creating black markets and illegal drug trades.

Fake news/disinformation: this should be illegal, but it's extremely difficult to regulate, as we have seen in the past years. It's a matter of interpretation, far from binary, so hard to put in a legal vs. illegal category. At least the most blatant disinformation can be banned, I believe. But for that, we need to start accepting science as truth, as a society. Science is the closest thing we have to truth, but some people don't see it that way, after literally centuries of religious indoctrination. Disinformation can also kill: https://arstechnica.com/science/202...-probed-in-nm-i-dont-want-more-people-to-die/
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