Gaming What do you think of the newer Fire Emblem games?

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I don't like the newer entries because I find them too bloated with unnecessary content and too customisable.

Starting with the DS entries and with the exception of Fire Emblem Echoes, reclassing has overcomplicated team building. Especially in the 3DS games which also introduced abilities and marriage.

Fire Emblem: Three Houses takes hundreds of hours to fully complete but much of the gameplay is doing repetitive tasks around the monastery. It's a game I regret playing without cheats because I would have saved much time playing with all class masteries and skill ranks unlocked and unlimited renown points.
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Jul 8, 2020
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I'm a longtime FE fan. I'm not as into Awakening and Fates, but I really like the changes in Three Houses. The older games are still fun in their own right, but going back to them after the newer games makes them feel somewhat lacking. I can understand where you're coming from though, there's definitely an appeal to a less open-ended class system (Fate's class system was waaaaaay too much even for my tastes). I'd recommend Echoes on the 3DS if you haven't played it yet, as it's a remake of Gaiden and it is extremely different from Awakening and Fates. It has mostly straightforward upgrade paths for each character, no avatar and no marriage, and it lets you use all your characters in most battles instead of making you choose just a few and bench all the others.
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