What do the wires in the front plate do?

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    Feb 1, 2003
    A fair while back I had a go at chipping my Wii. The chip does indeed allow me to boot copied discs however since this day it won't eject so I've had ther same bootlegged copy of Zelda sat in there for about a year (it hasn't had much use as you can imagine).

    When you press eject the system registers that the button's been pressed. The light goes orange but after a few seconds it gives up ejecting and acts as if I'd just put a new disc in.

    It was so long ago that I can't really remember what I have and haven't tried but I do know that I sethered one of the wires in front plate. I'm not sure if this happened initially when I fitted the chip or during a subsequent attempt to fix it. What do these wires actually do and does anyone know how to get them back in those fiddly little plastic connector bits?