What do I need to do to get USB Loader GX working again? Need it to load up GCN games.

Discussion in 'Wii - Emulation and Homebrew' started by caliskier, Dec 31, 2014.

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    Dec 24, 2014
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    I followed the advice and got CFG Loader up and running using ModMii, but this killed USB Loader GX (won't start). Everything working fine with CFG loader, but would like to do usb loader GX as well because I understand it is required to upload my physical copies of my gamecube games to my HDD.
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    what happens when you try to launch USBLoaderGX?

    Gamecube gaming doesn't require cIOS installation.
    But if you got CFG loader working or had USBGX already installed, you probably have cIOS installed.

    1. delete (or backup) GXGlobal.cfg from apps/USBLoader_gx/ folder to see if reseting the setting fix your issue
    2. update the loader to r1233 (and launch from HBC or forwarder)
    3. use a forwarder instead of the full channel if your current channel is still launching "v3.0c"

    if it still can't launch at all :
    - what happens? where does it freeze or stop loading? which is the last message you see on scree? (init USB drive?)
    - at this step, we can check the used IOS : you need either cIOS d2x base56 in slot249, or use IOS58.

    by default, it's set to use what's installed in Slot249.
    if you don't have 249 it's falling back to 250, and then all other cIOS, and finally to IOS58.

    But you can tell the loader to use IOS58 by default :
    edit meta.xml file, remove the 2 commented lines and set --ios=58
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    Use IOS58 and try redownloading usbloaderGX plus deleting residual files.