What could i write about HTML5?

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    In my country to finish the highschool you gotta make a masterwork and i can choose any theme that has to do with Hardware,Software or Electrician stuff.
    The theme i choose is HTML5 but idk what i could write about it.

    I thought to write about what it is,and how to add things like picture video etc. and the differences btw HTML and HTML5 but other than that idk what to write about.
    I gotta make a 13-16 pages long document about it if i want to pass, next to that i gotta study it and then they test me if i really made the document. It's not gonna be a problem to study it but its gonna be a problem to find 16 pags information about it so i'm asking u guys if you know anything about HTML5 that i can write.

    I still can change the topic if i want but most of the topics are already used or not good as this one.

    I could choose any other PC language too, i think no one did a PC language as his mastework these past 5 years. (HTML was already done but the updated 5 version not)

    Any intel would be great!
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    Practical usages, applications, how it applies to a lot of real life applications. Think from the box of a reader, and try and anticipate what they might ask, and answer those within the constraints.
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    Write what you know would be my main advice here, if you have to learn it first then it is not a great position to be in.

    Anyway a quick scan says you are 18 or just older, for the rest of the world this would probably be first year degree level, especially if you are actually in a focused school for tech type things.

    If you do not know a PC language then probably best to avoid that if you are going to be pressed on it at the end.

    Anyway overview of what HTML is
    What the history leading up to it was. The state of things with regards to internet explorer 6, the xhtml stuff
    What is does that HTML did not do before. Naturally as it replaces most of what Flash and a good chunk of java (though javascript rose up here), this may lead into Canvas, which is a vital part, but may be heading off topic. However on topic is most definitely how it interacts with other languages, or indeed may avoid the need for interaction which is quite costly on servers (there are things I can do in HTML5 that I would have needed something like php for before).
    What it lost. There is a lot that HTML5 lost (justification tags do not exist in HTML5, neither does font nor do frames, and CSS is now basically mandatory where you could have got around it before). This increases baseline complexity (I can teach you a tag in seconds, to teach you even in element CSS would considerably longer), however does it matter when everything is automated.
    Implementations and the state of the web surrounding it. Flash basically being killed by it, mobile devices (which are now a huge thing unlike the previous standards which barely had WAP in the mobile world) being basically web browsers but not quite.
    The divergence in the standards. Google (owners of youtube and thusly the most popular video host/player) pushing something not software patented and the H264 crowd (which included Microsoft and Apple at various levels) butting heads over what video standards to use.
    The shift to it. Web is big business these days, how much has moved to it, how much does it trouble web development languages. On the flip side it has been a bit slow and many things called themselves HTML5 compatible when they basically added the audio and video stuff.
    Security. Some fair changes here, also possible security concerns (before I only had flash and basic cookies troubling me, http://diveintohtml5.info/storage.html changes things considerably).

    Frankly if you cover stuff like that and the things it leads to your problem will not be getting up to the limit but back down to where it is acceptable to hand something in.
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    The "matura" essay is more about research than any kind of practical knowledge of the subject, and the topics are usually things that weren't covered in depth during their respective course, so the students aren't expected to have practical knowledge (it's a plus, but it's not a requirement), and it's usually something they are researching for the first time and learning as they go.

    Writing about the history of the internet and HTML will take up at least 5 pages. Then do the comparison between older versions and HTML 5, what new features it offers and what it means for websites. Show websites that implement each of those features and say something about them (2 pages at least). Talk about the concept of Web 2.0 and how it differs from the static "web 1.x" or whatever it was called.
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    Write about the background, HTML. Describe it fairly well. Include some drawbacks, negative points. Then go on to how much different HTML5 is, does it solve some of the negative points of HTML? Explain it. Does it take away the need of stuff like Flash (for video, games, for example)? Is that an improvement? why? etc. etc.
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