What coaxial cable is used by Kiosk Systems?

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    last year I got a Kiosk unit (WIS-001) including controller hub, 2 DRC AC Adapters, 1 Wiimote, 1 Nunchuck, a cut Nunchuck cable and a semi broken GamePad. The Kiosk unit was sold because someone tried to steal it and cut the GamePad's cable and damaged the system. However, got it working again. I attached a random cable to the GamePad and connected it to the antenna port of the console. The GamePad paired up. But if the cable is longer than approx 1.5ft/45cm it has heavy connectivity issues. I guess this is because I'm not using a coaxial cable.
    So I was wondering if someone knows what kind of coaxial cable (connector type) is used by this system so I can get a new one.

    EDIT: I forgot to mention that I don't need/want the DRC Wire power cord included. Just the plain coaxial cable
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    looks like either SMA or RP-SMA