What cIOS am I running?

Discussion in 'Wii - Backup Loaders' started by Cheeseweasel, Feb 15, 2010.

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    Jul 24, 2007

    My Wii (4.2E firmware, YAOSM modchip) was in a state where it had been hacked into oblivion - it did not run backups, it ran most original discs fine (except for The Beatles: Rock Band, which I had to boot through Gecko, else it blackscreened).

    Today I decided to fix it. First, I realised cIOScorp wasn't doing anything except turning my homebrew channel upside-down, so I tried to update to the latest Hackmii tools to make a NAND backup. I made a backup, then followed some instructions to install Hermes cIOS222 rev3.

    After I had done this, and nothing seemed to have changed (except my homebrew channel was the right way up again), I thought that having made a backup, there was no danger in updating with Nintendo.

    I updated with Nintendo, and... it worked! My Wii behaves normally again; most of the time. I can boot originals and homebrew. I haven't tried a good backup disc yet (I tried a very old backup of Super Mario Galaxy, which did give an error when I tried to boot it, but that may have just been a poor quality disc).

    It is 2:05am and my parents are in bed, so I can't test anything now, but I've decided I would like to start launching backups from my external hard drive. I'm preparing my hard drive for USB Loader GX but I need to know what cIOS I have installed.

    Will updating through Nintendo have changed anything? Should I reinstall Hermes cIOS?


    EDIT: I should add that I did have to install cIOS 38 or whatever in order to run the Hackmii installer, THEN installed Hermes cIOS. Sorry if this wasn't clear.
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    Kieran, if you updated through Nintendo, you should assume that your Wii is (again) in a clear state. All cIOSes will be replaced by stubs, and installing them will only work when you've deleted the stubs. So go and read the Complete Softmod Guide and follow it to the letter!