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    Oct 11, 2011
    You can run whatever dash except anything lower on a JTAG if you take out the R6T3 resistor underneath the CPU.
    The console can't blow fuses anymore and the only thing you need to do is set the correct LDV when building a hacked NAND.
    Voila, you can run whatever dash without worrying that it'll blow fuses and perma lock you on said dash.

    This method has been used since JTAG was discovered.
  2. aadz93

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    Jan 29, 2008
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    Yeah I know about r6t3, you cant update to 8955 even with the CPU key, since jtag won't work 2bl was changed and blew fuses,and 2bl can be changed only with m$ private key

    You can have a dual nand running two different dashes, though you probably will need a rebooter

    r6t3 just prevents the efuses from being burned, if you remove it and update past 7371 (somehow) you'll likely just get Christmas lights, you can still restore a from a backup nand

    2bl ldv doesn't use the cpu key, uses M$ private key, if we knew this we could run anything, this is the only way a "uSb JTag" will ever exist, you can boot anything since to the 360 this is trusted code, it will happily take it just like loading a game or system update, if this gets updated we cannot change this no matter what....unless we get the private key

    cf and cg use your cpu key, this stores the total number of dash updates, so you can run any dash, but within only a certain boot loader revision (2bl ldv), the oldest dash that can run is the last dashboard that updated 2bl ldv
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