What are ss, dmi, and pfi files

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    What are ss, dmi, and pfi files?
    Can you use the same one for all original xbox games or do I did to get different ones for each game.
    I know they are used for stealth, I just need to know if I have to get different ones for every game

    Sorry for the noob question I am kind of new to the 360 scene
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    That link details what each of those are. To the best of my knowledge if you have the "kit" that is floating around then they are all the same.

    I highly suggest you do not rely on using a 360 for playing original xbox games for even if the emulation works (it is far from brilliant) then it gets nice and expensive when you have to kill dual layer discs for single games. A fully working original xbox clocks less than $50 these days.