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    Mar 1, 2008
    I'm aware of My Japanese Coach but that game is a bit dry and doesn't instill enough motivation. What are some fun Japanese games that preferably has either easy Japanese (so, frequently used words) or just really fun gameplay (therefore will make learning easier)? I'm aware that RPGs are not really that great of a choice since I notice they have a tendency to use not-so-common words or make stuff up? (Judging by the translations...) So far, I'm thinking about trying Legend of Zelda since that has furigana and perhaps Pokemon Platinum since I assume it has pretty simple themes, and perhaps all the names of pokemon are in katakana? Kanji isn't really a problem, I can pretty much guess the meaning. Perhaps I'll play Harvest Moon and learn names of vegetables and farm animals...

    Worst comes to worst, I'll go the traditional route of learning...>_>;

    Oh, I'm also aware of the list of JP games made for the Japanese to learn kanji and grammar. I don't really want to start with those since I think I'll just be put off by the difficulty.

    Thanks for your suggestions
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