1. spastro

    OP spastro Advanced Member

    May 1, 2006
    Afternoon all.

    I had my wiikey a little over two weeks now and have been constantly reading up on homebrew applications and pc tools to use with the wii.

    Channels i have at the moment.
    Hombrew Channel
    Wad Manager.

    Homebrew Applications i have at the moment to use with the homebrew channel
    Homebrew Browser
    Gecko OS

    PC tools i have to use with wads / isos
    Free The Wads
    PPF O Matic 3
    Wii Video Mode Changer
    Wii Region Frii
    Wii Brick Blocker

    Are there any other good applications that i should know about ?
    I was reading somewhere about wii update remover which is apparently better then wii brick blocker. Is this true? and where can i get it?

    Thanks again.

    Also when is the best time to use Geko OS over wii region free?
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