What are flashcards, and how could I use them to play DS ROMs?

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    Title (almost) says it all. What are flashcards? Are they the same as flashcarts?

    Is there any way to play DS ROMs through an SD card?

    I just now got a 3DS for Christmas, and still don't know very much about it, other than the fact that I can't ask when it'll be hacked.

    So... When wil the 3ds b haxxed? I neeed me sum mario galxy on mah 3ds!!!!1!11!!!eleven!!1 JK :P
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    think its ok to ban you as you dont read stickies
    enjoy knowing you where banned for what google could of told you
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    DS roms on a 3DS are possible , you require a flashcard/cart and a microsd card , the flash card you buy has to be compatible with the latest firmware for your 3DS (if you want acccess to 3DS online features) otherwise you could sit on an older firmware if it isnt up to date already and use a lot more of the flashcards out there , the safest bet is a DSTWO although they aint the cheapest.

    As for 3DS games on a 3DS retail is the only method . there is tentative steps in hacking the 3DS but it is very very early , and doesnt promise anything . Theres no date on when it will be or if it will be , i wouldnt hold your breath for a method of playing "backups" anytime soon though.
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    flashcards are your way of playing ds games from a micro sd card and there are two i believe that are able to be played on the 3ds(recent firmware) and those two are the r4i gold and the dstwo. if you can afford it id go for the dstwo iits a nice card, then agian so is the r4 :) happy gaming
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    Dec 10, 2009
    Flashcards = Flashcarts

    It's a synonym.