What are Error Codes 011-6433 (eShop) and 026-6433 (DLC)?

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    A friend of mine sent me his O3DS after my N3DSXL broke from water damage about half a year ago. So right when I received the package, I called Ninty to unlink my NNID from the N3DSXL. After several formats, updates, and payload management, I was finally able to use it only to not have access to shop related content. Miiverse and the NNID settings page work just fine while accessing the eShop gives "011-6433" and downloading themes/updates spew out "026-6433" after the "first time ID-linking process" page. I just want to make sure, is this normal?
    From what a I read, and there is little information on these two error codes, does this usually take a couple of days to clear out?

    EDIT: I called Nintendo on the issue the next day. As it turns out they didn't unlink the eShop part of my NNID. I guess that solved it.
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