What are Adaptoids selling for (realistically) these days??

Discussion in 'General Gaming Discussion' started by Hanafuda, Aug 16, 2014.

  1. Hanafuda

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    I do a search on ebay occasionally, and there isn't always one listed but there is one right now.


    $100 start, $150 BIN.

    And I said wow. Or is this really what it takes to get one these days?

    FYI for anyone who isn't familiar, it's an N64 controller to USB adapter that 1) works with the rumble pak, 2) works with the controller pak, and 3) has no lag. The ebay listing says it's the best way to play N64 emus on the PC. This is incorrect. It's the best way to play NES/SNES/GBA/N64 on PC, and emus for other systems too.

    I just thought they weren't that much in demand anymore. (??)

  2. Nathan Drake

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    Jan 2, 2011
    What's wrong with something along the lines of the rather inexpensive Mayflash adapter?
  3. Hanafuda

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    Nov 21, 2005
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    Didn't say there was anything wrong with it. Wasn't asking about it.
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  4. Vanth88

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    The adaptoid goes for about $75-$100 usually or more if you're lucky. I think I once seen one for $75 but that was at least 2 years ago.

    Like you said there's only one on sale at this moment and it's really pricey. They're not in demand thanks to other alternatives out there like the Mayflash. They're more of a collectors item now.

    I personally own the mayflash adapter and it works perfectly. There's no lag and as far as I know the only drawback is no pak support but it supports 2 controllers per adapter. The thing is though you have to look at that price, I got mine for $15 while the adaptoid is just too expensive.

    There's also another alternative out there that's slightly more money(about $25) but I don't think it supports rumble either but I can't be sure. I don't remember the name but it's made by this guy who makes a lot of other adapters too.

    *EDITED* didn't realize you listed the same ebay link
  5. emmanu888

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    Honestly if you pay 75$ for that adapter, you'd be way better off with an N64 and an Everdrive 64. No compatibility issues (Expect for maybe two or three games), all the Paks works on it.
  6. raulpica

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    The Adaptoid goes for that much because the seller is a fool who thinks has found a gold nugget.

    I hope that the Adaptoid he's got will rot on his desk as no one will actually be that stupid to buy it at that scandalous price.

    People like that are killing retrogaming. Retrogaming is for the masses, enough with the price gouging!
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  7. SoupaFace

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    Jan 22, 2013
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    Why on planet earth would anybody want an adaptoid adapter when ralphnet-tech.com sell a n64 with rumble pack support for only $30??

    Seriously, I bought one of the Gamecube / n64 adapters and a plain 'ol n64 adapter from that site and the rumble functionality that both adapters feature works perfectly (I was using two nintendo branded rumble paks if that matters).

    Well ok, a couple times while playing Majora's Mask the rumble would go on continuously until i hit a wall with my sword or something, but that was the only game I played with that problem.

    But yeah, guys, only 30 fucking dollars for rumble functionality on all emulators i've tried (I only really tried using mupen64 and Project 64 though).
  8. Hanafuda

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    Nov 21, 2005
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    And, to be fair, that's all the Adaptoid cost too (a little less, actually), if you bought one when it was in production. That's why the prices I see for them nowadays cause me some minor cognitive dissonance.
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  9. Guild McCommunist

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    If you do want to do "retro gaming" and play old N64 games on an emulator, I'm pretty sure that piece of shit controller can stay in the past.
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    Nothing feels more nostalgic than a broken and dislocated thumb. :)