1. paul3100

    OP paul3100 GBAtemp Advanced Fan

    Oct 15, 2007
    As the title says i want to know what games you have all bought for your new shiny new 3Ds machines

    also want to know what order you rate the games in, example or rather my collection and order as follows...

    1) Ridge Racer 3D , Game 8/10 .... graphics 7/10 ..... 3D 7/10 ............ fun factor 9/10

    2) Asphalt 3D , Game 7/10 .... graphics 8/10 .... 3D 8/10 ............ fun factor 7/10

    3) Pilotwing Resort , Game 5/10 .... graphics 6/10 .... 3D 7/10 ............ fun factor 5/10

    Also what ds enables flash cart do you own if any and does it work well, i have an acekard 2i heading my way so ill have to wait and see

  2. person66

    person66 If it isn't edited, it isn't a true person66 post

    Jun 16, 2009
    SSFIV, Game 7/10 ... Graphics ... 8/10 ... 3D 9/10 ... fun factor 7/10

    I would have rated it higher, but I'm pissed off at it right now because I cant figure out how to do any of the challenges that require more than two moves without the guy blocking them [​IMG]
  3. R2DJ

    R2DJ GBAtemp Advanced Maniac

    Jan 30, 2008
    Out of 10 marks (Game/Graphics &3D/Fun Factor) - gonna combine graphics and 3D to shorten stuff

    8 - could've used an online mode so I can meet lots and lots of other people. I'm already happy with 3, what more with 100+?
    9 - the 3D is awesome! It really looks like my pets are behind the screen!
    8 - not good, not bad! I haven't played the first one so if you're one of the people who enjoyed the DS version initially, that would be me! I can't see putting this game down for quite some time because the dogs are just soooo cute! And I've been using the pedometer for a week now [​IMG]

    LEGO Star Wars:
    9 - I've played all LEGO games, had fun, so obviously nothing new. The formula just works for me! I've spent 2 hours playing it and I'm still on Act 2. Seeing as I'm a completionist, longevity isn't an issue
    7 - same as Nintendogs, but you won't miss out on anything if you turn the 3D off.
    10 - I love it!!!

    Super Street Fighter IV 3D:
    10 - this game is like a 3DS essential. Online Play warrants it
    9 - if you got the game, you probably agree with me. Could have been a 10 if it wasn't for the static BG but what the heck, there's dynamic view anyway [​IMG]
    10 - being the only launch title with an online mode and the version being as close as the console versions, it's totally addictive!
  4. awssk8er

    awssk8er GBAtemp Advanced Maniac

    Jun 26, 2007
    United States
    (Gameplay, Graphics, 3D effect, length respectively)
    Rayman 3D - 8.7,7,7
    Pilotwings Resort - 7,7,9,6
    Street Fighter IV - 8,9,8,9
  5. Snailface

    Snailface My frothing demand for 3ds homebrew is increasing

    Sep 20, 2010
    1.Ridge Racer


    Pilotwings is growing on me. It has a good difficulty curve and is addicting.
    Ridge Racer is a good racing game, but I'm not a huge fan of the genre.
  6. Blaze163

    Blaze163 The White Phoenix's purifying flame.

    Nov 19, 2008
    Ridge Racer

    - Graphics, 8/10. Pretty decent with plenty of spectacle, but I've seen better. The car models aren't the best. Not a major concern, they're certainly not ugly. The tracks are great looking and nicely varied.

    - Gameplay 9/10. I've officially renamed 'drifting' to 'busting', because it makes me feel good. Only down point is that the game is a little too easy and tends to repeat, but then that's a problem with the genre as a whole, really.

    - 3D effect 8/10. It works well and it does add a little style flair, but truthfully I don't see how it adds to the gameplay. I've also had to turn the player icons/names off, as they tend to be the first things to look blurry if the 3D sweet spot isn't dead on.


    - Graphics 8/10. Again, decent but not fantastic. The scenery looks good but the Miis look a bit jagged to me. Not a distraction but not showcasing what the system can do either.

    - Gameplay 8/10. The missions are plenty varied, and I loved the squirrel suit. Free Flight's time limit gets on my nerves as I like to just cruise around and relax. I can only hope to unlock unlimited time somehow. The quest for perfect scores will keep me playing for a while but it certainly seems like a game that'll be traded when I hit 100%.

    - 3D effect 8/10. The feeling of depth does add to the overall experience, and it certainly looks a lot better with the 3D on, but it seems a little too easy to defocus the sweet spot. It gets a little blurry every now and then.

    Samurai Warriors Chronicles

    - Graphics 8/10. Character models are great and the animations are decent so far, but I have noticed that it suffers from minor slowdown every now and then. The environments are also a little empty, perhaps.

    - Gameplay 8/10. I love carving through waves of peons, but it seems entirely unnecessary to attack anyone other than the officers. It gets better with more time played as more attacks and strategic options become available, so it has to be given time to truly get going. Plot is a bit confusing at times.

    - 3D effect 8/10. Decent enough, but again I don't really see what it adds to the overall experience. The intro vids look much better with the 3D on, I hope that later battles look suitably epic in 3D, but as I'm just starting out it seems pretty unnecessary right now.
  7. Zarxrax

    Zarxrax GBAtemp Fan

    Oct 5, 2005
    United States
    Samurai Warriors Chronicles:
    Graphics: 6 - Guys pop up right in front of my face. If it had better draw distance I would give it an 8.
    Gameplay: 8 - Totally fun.
    3D: 7 - It works, but nothing spectacular.
  8. jamesaa

    jamesaa The Prince of Insufficient Light

    Jan 8, 2006
    Lego star wars:
    Gameplay, 9/10 always liked the Lego games :-)
    Graphics, 10/10 slightly bias score as this was the first 3ds game a played properly so of course the improvement in graphics over the Ds is apparent.
    3D effect, 6/10, it works but does not have huge impact, mainly just backdrops seem more distant and items stand out more.

    Splinter cell 3d:
    gameplay, 8/10, good enough to convince me to play the 2-3 console splinter cell games I have missed.
    Graphics, 6/10, honestly I would have expected more, but it's about psp level graphics so it is playable.
    3D effect, 3/10, just doesn't work well, lots of double images and blur, I just cannot keep the 'sweet spot' when playing this game. Have played the majority of the time with the 3D turned off. When in the sweet spot it does look reasonable, but still not great.
  9. Arnold Schwarzen

    Arnold Schwarzen GBAtemp Advanced Fan

    Nov 21, 2005
    United States
    Super Street Fighter IV 3D

    Gameplay: 10/10
    Graphics: 10/10 Very impressive, their execution (as well as 3DS' low resolution) makes it look between Wii and 360 level.
    3D: 9/10 Not perfect but I find it really neat nonetheless.

    Being a huge SFII fan back in the day, this is most certainly the Street Fighter I know and I'm not disappoint! It's damn good, especially for a launch title and much improved from the original non-Super SFIV edition (whose gameplay I give like an 8).
  10. ut2k4master

    ut2k4master Lord Tourettes

    Feb 20, 2010
    Super Street Fighter 4 3D (My only 3DS game so far)
    -Game 7/10
    -Graphics 8/10
    -3D 7/10
    -Fun Factor (Singleplayer) 6/10
    -Fun Factor (Multiplayer) 8/10
  11. Jaden.

    Jaden. GBAtemp Regular

    Sep 20, 2010
    Splinter Cell 3D:

    Game 10/10
    -It's pretty cool. A game that you should play.

    Graphics 8/10
    -Well. I expected more. But it's playable and pretty cool. Graphics are fine... But how i said, i expected better.

    3D 7/10
    -Well, not enough 3D. But it's pretty visible the 3D Effects. And makes the game look very realistic.

    Fun Factor 10/10
    -Well, it's pretty funny the game. I don't get bored of playing it 3 hours every day. [​IMG]

    Conclusion: It's a GOOD game to play, i recomend it a lot!
  12. Kuschel-Drow

    Kuschel-Drow GBAtemp Fan

    Mar 25, 2009
    Gambia, The
    1. Asphalt 3D

    Game - 9/10 (IMHO the best racing game out there, as it's not only driving around in circles to win, you have to watch the road carefully and you can even kick someone out xD)

    Graphics - 9/10 (I really love them so far, especially the details of the cars and the posibillities. The Courses are also very well made.)

    3D - 5/10 (Well... I rather play it with the slider on minimum or even off, to concentrate on driving and not watching everything but the damn street xD)

    Fun - 8/10 (For me it IS definitely fun, I don't like pure racing games this much, this one is more of a challenge BUT it's quite hard to achieve something in the beginning, especially starting with a huger car than a tiny Abarth... but it gets better if you get used to the game. Too bad it only has local wireless.)

    2. Samurai Warriors Chronicles

    Game - 10/10 (Damn I looove it! haven't played anything in comparism to this one.)

    Graphics 7/10 (Well... all the enemies let me rather think of a clone war, and the stages could have had a slightly better design, without using the map you get lost easily, but other than that I like it.)

    3D - 7/10 (Makes it look 'deeper' somehow)

    Fun - 10/10 Definitely great, I love to hunt for all the missions and try hard to fulfil them. As well I love the tactical aspect of the game. And I try as hard as I can to not loose my own captains or guards and to gain as much of the opponents fortresses the fast I can. [​IMG]

    3. Battle of the Giants - Dinosaurs (Hope this is correct, it's "Kampf der Giganten - Dinosaurier" in German)

    Game: - 6/10 (Well... an easy to play beat 'em up with some possibillities of customisation, guess it's mostly aimed at younger players, still it's not the usual 2-button-easy-win stuff)

    Graphics: - 10/10 (Might be some kind of personal likings, but I love the environmental graphics, als well as the models of the dinosaurs. Looks very decent, and for people who are interested in that theme it might be a good one really.)

    3D - 10/10 (This is due to the atmosphere it creates. You'll have to see it for yourself... [​IMG])

    Fun - 7/10 (Uhm... well... beat 'em ups are not really my taste, especially if they seem quite simple. I don#t know if it gets better, but well... 3 slots for equipment, a very simple attack/dodge system... meh... Could have been a little more complicated than that. Then again, the graphics are stunning imho, and the part where you run through the world to collect stuff and find your opponents is really nice, mostly because of the great graphics but still! [​IMG] THIS IS NO SHOVELWARE! [​IMG] Especially if you love dinosaurs!)
  13. AndroidDem0man

    AndroidDem0man GBAtemp Regular

    Nov 28, 2010
    United States
    1: Super Street FIghter 4 3D edition:
    Graphics: Awsome but 9.5/10 it just doesnt seem that that thatttt cool like Dead or alive dimensions which i saw in a vid.
    Gameplay: This is where it comes in 10/10 you can jump, smash, punch, uppercut, a bunch of moves, 'Special moves"
    Game itself: kinda bad.... 6.3/10 There's like no story, all the characters are unlocked, no other chars to unlock, nothing, gets boring to me sometimes
    Fun: 10/10 its extremely fun, i always play with my bro

    2: Lego Star Wars III the clone wars
    Graphics: 10/10, I downloaded the xbox demo, theres like NO diffrence to me at all! To you guys your gonna be like LOL RETARD CONSOLE IS BETTER THEN AHNDHELD, but i dont see a diffrence

    Gameplay: 7/10 Story is amazing, i followed with the series too, but it seems like a bunch of button mashing stuff.
    3D: not used quite much, but when your in a ship, i turn it all the way up, the Ships like pop out, its freaking AMAZING!!!!
    Funnn: 10/10. i play it AALLLLLOOOOOOTTTTTTTTTTTTTT i love it [​IMG]
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