WFCStatus ver 1.5

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    WFCStatus ver 1.5

    Out now

    WFCStatus is developer's Kevin status viewer for Nintendo's wi-fi connection which fetches relevant data from Nintendo's WFC website and compiles them into charts.

    The newest build, v1.5, brings the following changes:
    • Added auto updater for new games and boxarts (Settings -> Update)
    • Added 4 DS games (incl. Panel de Pon DS (J) and the new Yu-Gi-Oh)
    • Added 1 Wii game (Elebits)
    • Added Diddy Kong Racing gamehub
    • Added a few new boxarts
    • Fixed Megaman Dragon/Pegasus boxarts
    • Moved site to new domain
    [​IMG] WFC Status ver 1.5

  2. spokenrope

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    May 26, 2006
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    Cool, but does this only keep track of the top 5? If that? It'd be much more useful to be able to see the complete rankings.

    I don't even know the first thing about how this sort of thing works, but it seems that if Nintendo's WFC website stores the data, this program should be able to retreive it.

    This looks to be a great start though. I can't wait to get home and try it out.
  3. imgod22222

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    Jul 5, 2006
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    what wii games can be played online? It says elebits was added, but what's the other game?
  4. inter4ever

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    imgod22222: The other game should be Pokemon Battle Revolution which was released in Japan.