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    Jul 26, 2006
    Hi, let me explain what I want:

    I have a laptop with a 802.11g wireless card and a wired ethernet card. I currently have a WPA wireless network, and windows xp. What I want to be able to do is to take the internet from the wired card and create a WEP network with the wireless card. Is it possible to do this? NO I WILL NOT CHANGE MY ENTIRE WIRELESS NETWORK TO WEP. WEP IS INSECURE AND I DONT CARE IF MY LAPTOP GETS HAXZORED BUT I DO THE REST OF MY COMPUTERS.

    How do I create a wep wireless network so the ds lite can connect to it through my laptop? Please give a detailed explanation as I am quite stupid with computers.

    I tried creating an ad hoc wireless network but the ds lite gets error code 51300 or 5130 (forgot if there was an extra zero or no) and it does not work, I think i did something wrong.

    OH, and does the ds lite support ad hoc?


    [​IMG] by the way, don't post stupid/worthless replies like "just go buy a nintendo wireless adaptor" or "buy a new router, they are cheap after rebates" as you are not helping.
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